Get Rewarded for Buying Your Dream Home


If you are looking to buy your dream home, we can make that happen, but what makes buying from us the best decision?


We don’t just get you your dream home; we help you find it at the best price AND we reward you for buying with us!

Buying a home is a huge financial investment for you; this is why we think it is only fair that you get some rewards for committing yourself to such financial decision and

following it through.

Rewarding Us. Rewarding You.

While we work for you, the buyer, it is actually the seller who pays our commission. When we receive our commission as your agent, we split the rewards with you – no hidden charges and at no extra cost to you. So, when you successfully close the deal on your new home, we give you extra reasons to celebrate.


How It Works

The Home Buyer Rewards Program is as easy as it sounds.
  1. Use us as your Realtor to purchase your new home
  2. We do the hard work of finding homes that work with your pocket and look like your dream
  3. We land the best home at the best price
  4. We split our profits with you and reward you for choosing us as your realtor
  5. We leave you to enjoy your new home AND your reward

It doesn’t get better than that!


What Are Our Rewards Options?

We offer three fantastic reward options and let you have your pick

A 55” Flat Screen TV

Our 55” flat screen TV rewards option is the gift that keeps giving; when you chose this option, you save yourself the extra cost of having to purchase a new TV to go with your new home.
  • New Home
  • New TV
  • New View
  • New Life!

12 Month Home Warranty

Our 12 months home warranty lets you save your remaining cash for spending on other essential things. This reward option takes care of an important financial investment for your new home and rewards you with extra peace of mind.
  • More Protection
  • More Peace of Mind

$500 cash

Have you got everything covered and would rather do the cash option? We have that covered too in our home rewards program. When you sign the new deal, you walk away with a dream home AND extra $500 cash for free!
  • No questions asked
  • No hidden charge
  • No extra payments required



Give us a call or message us today to see how you can qualify for these great rewards!